Monday, June 27, 2011

What a Hoot!

Here's a random fact, I love owls! They are so cute and adorable and we share a common trait of large eyes. So anything with owls I am naturally gravitate towards it. So meet Gladys Knight...

I found her during my adventures thrifting the other day. She was a whole $1.50 at the Corvallis Goodwill and she looked so lonely and ugly, and I knew she needed a proper home with me. And yes she is literally crying a tear of ugly. But I gave a quick coat of paint and she is now beautiful!

She is so cute and funky and will make a perfect home for my pens!

Here is Gladys next to the flaxseed heating bag I made today as well which is made with bird/owl fabric!

Lastly I bought the best book for a first time sewer
 It's full of fun projects I cant wait to try out!

Until next time!

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