Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #3

Hey there. Time for Pinterest challenge number 3!

Well hello adorable super easy clay necklace!
I must admit this is not my first run in with clay, and this is not my first run in with the blogger who this came from. She makes the most adorable easy clay jewelry, so I was pretty excited to see this.

Here is my version

I like. Yep, I just like it. In the words of Cher from Clueless "It's a full on Picasso", from far away it looks alright but when you get up close it is a mess! The lines aren't very straight and the layers are uneven. 
Don't get me wrong I will still wear it, I am just not in love with it. I guess not everything can be a 10.

Until next time <3


  1. this is so cute.. I love your Pinterest Challenge concept.. Would love to see more of these..following you. :)
    Thanks for sharing at Friday fun party..

  2. I do plenty of things that aren't a 10 but occasionally you get an 11.
    I like the colors.