Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Journey Update!

Well I must say I thought I would have blogged a lot more during our trip, but obviously I did not. Let me tell you, road trips are exhausting! Our days have been jammed packed and even finding time to sleep has been difficult. But I will give you all an update thus far....

Day 1: Oregon to Boise 

I slept the majority of this drive :). But I must say downtown Boise is ADORABLE! So many cute little shops and places to eat a drink, it was awesome. And it has a fun and funky vibe that I love. 
A morning view of downtown Boise from our hotel

Day 2: Boise to Denver

This was the longest day EVER! Okay maybe I am exaggerating a little , but seriously driving through Utah and Wyoming you begin to understand why no one lives there. At this point I was driving and I asked Cole to take a picture of the Welcome to Utah sign and this is what I got..

HAHA I forgive him :)

I won't completely lie there was a part of Utah was gorgeous 

BUT the rest of the drive looked like this...

And next to me looked like this...

But after 13 long hours, we finally made it to DENVER! 

We stayed at the beautiful Warwick Hotel in downtown Denver
Here was the view we woke up to for four days :) (ignore the garbage cans below)

Day 3: family time

We spent the 4th with Cole's wonderful cousins, but we took no pictures to share :(

Day 4: 

This day was filled with goodness! First we went out to breakfast at the most amazing breakfast spot called Snooze. It was the best breakfast I have ever had and I recommend if you are in Denver this is a must!
This was called the Upstream Benny. It was a twist on an eggs Benedict and it had salmon and the biscuit was a spicy corn biscuit... yummy

We then ventured north to Fort Collins to visit New Belgium Brewery!

We didn't have time for the whole tour but we did have time to drink our 4 free beers each and buy tons of merchandise :)

Later we went with the cousin's and their friends to a concert in Vail. If you don't know, Vail is the cutest ski resort and from what I am told is very popular. But like I said we went and saw concert who happened to be Darius Rucker.

During the concert I was doing the usual and I was people watching, and I noticed a couple that looked super familiar. I couldn't figure out who they were or how I knew them but it was bugging me bad. Then I figured it out and realized they were on reality TV! I asked Cole's cousins if they knew who it was and they knew right away that it was Trista and Ryan from the Bachelor! So I got a little stalker and tried to get some pictures but it didn't really work for me so well :(
So here is what little proof I have

Well there are still more days to talk about, but there is a long day of driving ahead of me tomorrow, so it will have to wait

Until next time :)

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