Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jewelry and Aprons

Hola! So I am excited to share a couple of new crafts thats I have made lately! So I have a bunch of friends either getting married or having babies, and I want to try and make them at least one homemade gift for each of them. This project I was super excited about because this was my first project I made using a pattern! This picture is not the best, so if you can't tell it is an apron. It actually didn't turn out half bad! I think it will go great with a cooking themed gift for our upcoming friends wedding.  

My second project was super fun and EASY! I stumbled upon this blog of this completely adorable mom who is super trendy and makes the cutest things! But I saw her post on some bangles she made herself. Making my own jewelry..... YES PLEASE! These are made out of clay, and after I made a few I am so excited to make all sorts of jewelry with this. But here is a link to her tutorial ---> Click here
But here is a picture of the bracelets I made!

So cute right?!?! I think my next batch I will go a little more neutral though :)

Until next time :)

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