Sunday, October 2, 2011

Who am I?

A couple of weeks back I saw this post by acute designs, and I thought man what a good idea!
Here in the blog world most of you don't know who I am.
How rude of me!
So let me tell you 10 random things about me
Here goes nothing....

I am for the most part a very, very, very nice person, BUT (and that's a big but) I have a mean/sarcastic streak in me. Sometimes the little sucker pops up out of nowhere and, BAM! I have ruined someones day
Sad right?!?!
Truth be told when this happens I end up feeling horrible and it eats me alive
I'm working on it

I hate to be touched while I sleep
if even a finger is touch me it makes me mad

I am obsessed with my puppy
Ok she is not a puppy, but she is my baby

I am easily sucked into video games
Yes you read that right, I really like video games.
So much so I have had to limit myself before
here is a list of video games I have had a problem with

I am pretty sure my nerd level just went up 10 points

Growing up I wanted to be a comedian

I still and will always love these shows

I know every word to these movies

My true dream job would to be a crafter/photographer/party planner in some fabulous city

I LOVE the following

My DREAM DREAM DREAM is to go here
Yes, New York City during Christmas

Well there you have it
Hope I didn't bore you to much

Until next time <3

1 comment:

  1. Great post - it is nice to get to know you better :).

    I also hate being touched when I sleep. If my husband wakes me I {supposedly} am really mean to him in my half sleep/half awake state. I also will always and forever love SATC and Friends. And, I can always watch an episode and be extremely entertained....even if I have seen it a million times!