Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Whoa October!

Does anyone else feel like October flew by?
It did for me
So much so that I almost didn't have time to make my Halloween wreath
But no worries, I found some time tonight :)

Pretty cute huh!

Here are some other things to catch you up on my life lately...

I am teaching myself how to crochet


I had to buy glasses to do so
Don't worry they are $1 cheapies

I made this cute little fall style note clip for work
I have yet to have a note left for me :(

We dog sat this little guy for 9 days
His name is Tux, so I made him a little bow tie for his return home
I am sad he is gone, I fell in love with him

That pretty much catches you up to speed!

Until next time <3

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